What is the Race to July ?

The Race to July is a season long order of merit competition, where your club crown their Race to July number one player, who will then go on to represent their club against other competing clubs in the interclub Race To July shoot out.

All proceeds from the Race to July and associated events shall go towards the Childrens Health Foundation.

This website can be used to keep up to speed on how you or your friends are doing in each Club.

Race to July shall monitor the performance of the players in each club throughout the Race to July events and post their performance, each club shall have its own ranking page. Once the 16 events are completed by each club there shall be a club shoot out to determine who shall be the outright club champion.

Each Club Champion shall then represent their club in the interclub shootout to crown the Race to July outright Champion Club.

The 2022 race is just around the corner........

Each Club Race to July shoot out competition shall have a prize fund specific to each club that each player will be entitled to win.

The interclub Race to July shoot out shall have a prize fund that the club itself will be entitled to win. (the player is playing for the club)

…………And everyone is playing for the Childrens Health Foundation………