About Race To July

Established in 2022, Race to July is a brand new and exciting season-long order of merit golf competition.

Race to July will see players of all genders and abilities play against each other throughout their clubs season – with one player being crowned their clubs champion.

Each club champion will then face-off in the prestigious Race to July Inter-Club Shootout, where the winner takes all!

How it Works

Each club will have their very own ranking page setup on www.racetojuly.ie

Players can use this page to sign-up for Race to July, check their current Race to July ranking, follow the progress of their club members, and check out the latest news and updates from the entire series.

Race to July ranking pages will update their ranking pages following each club’s events, giving you the most up-to-date reports on your progress as you Race to become the champion.

Following all club events, the top players in each club will play-off in a winner-takes-all shootout to be crowned their club’s Champion.

Each club Champion will the receive the honour of representing their club at the Race To July Inter-Club Shootout where only one club can be crowned Race to July winners 2022.

Making A Difference

The Race to July Series aims to bring together golf clubs, players, and supporters from all over Ireland, with the aim of increasing the funds raised in aid of Children’s Health Foundation.

When you sign-up, 100% of your player registration fee will be donated to Children’s Health Foundation to give every sick child the very best chance.

By supporting Race to July in aid of Children’s Health Foundation, you will be funding vital research that pioneers new and gentler life-saving treatments, state-of-the-art equipment, patient and parental supports, and world-class care.

Get Involved

To register your club or find out more information, contact keith@racetojuly.ie or contact us through our contact page on this website.

To sign-up to take part in your clubs Race to July series, simply click on the “register for Race to July” tab at the top of this page, choose your club and input your details.